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Floveme Wireless Charger

Floveme Wireless Charger

Floveme Wireless Charger

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Ever had your phone die on you minutes before you have to leave the house?

And isn’t it frustrating to have to replace your unreliable charging cable which breaks so easily?

This Wireless Charger is the ultimate solution to all your problems!

  • No more broken cables! – Being a wireless charger, you will never have to deal with flimsy cables that require constant replacement ever again, and no more messy balls of tangled cables!
  • Fast charging – You will be able to leave the house with a charged phone even when you’re pressed for time with 30% faster charging!
  • Leave your phone case on! - With a sensing distance of up to 6mm, you won't have to remove your phone case when charging
  • Automatic power off when fully charged – This prevents battery damage so that your battery can last longer and not drain as quickly!
  • Safe to use – The charging pad will not heat up excessively so you will not burn your hand on accident.

With this wireless charger, you will never have to worry about leaving the house with a drained phone ever again!

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