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Fluffy Bunny Ball Keychain

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Everyone needs a little fluff in their lives, to comfort, to soothe and to just make their day better!  

But apart from spending thousands of dollars to care for a furry pet, shouldn't there be a more budget-friendly and easier way to have fluffy days ahead?

Fluff up your life with this Fluffy Bunny Ball Keychain!

  • Soft Faux Rabbit Fur - Soft to the touch, it's just like petting a bunny except that you don't have to burn a hole in your pocket to pet this one!
  • Hang it anywhere! - Simply hook it onto your bag, pouch, wallet or pencil case, and the fluff will be with you wherever you go!
  • Available in multiple colors! - Regardless of whatever your favourite color is, you will definitely find the perfect Fluffy Bunny Ball Keychain for you!

With this Fluffy Bunny Ball Keychain, you will enjoy fluff anywhere and anytime!

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