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Fresh Chips Clip Saviour

Fresh Chips Clip Saviour

Fresh Chips Clip Saviour

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When your pack of chips get left in the open for long, it loses its crunchiness. And nobody likes stale chips.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a cover that seals your chips to prevent it from becoming stale?

The Fresh Chips Clip Saviour is literally going to save your chips from becomes stale:

  • With just 3 simple steps, it is extremely easy to use! Insert the a part of the bag of chips into the clip, fold the excess and just cap it with the lid.
  • No need for pouring your chips into a bowl anymore allowing you to eat comfortably and it involves no washing up
  • This is way more useful than your regular clips because now your bag of chips has its own lid!
  • Versatile - you can use it for any bag, your chips, nuts, literally anything!

One should never indulge in stale chips! Always retain your chips freshness.

From today onwards, you should and will only be eating fresh and crunchy chips when you get this Fresh Chips Clip Saviour now!


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