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Fuzzy Baby Sleeping Wrap

Fuzzy Baby Sleeping Wrap

Fuzzy Baby Sleeping Wrap

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Wouldn’t you want your baby to be warm and comfortable all the time, especially now that colder months are just around the corner? 

Worry no more! The Fuzzy Baby Sleeping Wrap will definitely do the trick with its soft and high-quality wool, which this product is made out of inside and out. 

This baby sleeping bag, which is creatively designed as a cute little sheep, offers a safe, warm and comfortable environment for your dear one. 

To ensure that your baby will not feel too tight or suffocated inside, the sleeping bag features a velcro closure, which you can easily adjust according to your baby’s comfort level. 

Don’t worry if your baby has sensitive skin. The material used to make this sleeping bag is perfectly safe. 

Add this to your cart and make your baby smile before going to sleep!  

  - Material: Cotton/Fleece 
  - Size: 3M = 84cm (width) *70 (length) cm, 6M= 90 (width) *78 cm (length)
  - Item Condition:100% Brand New
  - Item Description: Baby Sets Casual

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