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Grenade Mug

Grenade Mug

Grenade Mug

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Bored of your average looking mugs? Trying to find a mug that will entice your child to pick it up more often and drink more water?

It’s time to get your child excited holding his/her favourite mug of all time - the Porcelain Grenade Mug!

It is more than just your average mug:

  • With its handle, you can have absolute confidence in your child because of the easy and comfortable grip. Do not worry about any water spills anymore!
  • Getting your child to drink finish an average sized mug may be tough, but with this porcelain grenade mug, it’s 280ML volume will be a much easier task for them - and you can be assured that they are well hydrated
  • Lid - absolutely necessary for keeping the drink warm, and preventing any dust or dirt from going into your drink; making it perfect for storage
  • Porcelain is the best in retaining heat, and this ceramic mug is made out of nothing but porcelain to ensure you that your drink will be kept warm entirely
  • Eco-friendly products tend to be more long-lasting, making this mug a great long term investment

The Porcelain Grenade Mug is both fun and practical! Your child is going to be so excited to gulp down his/her favourite drink.

Hurry purchase this perfect gift to surprise your child today!

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