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Hair Dryer & Bathroom Holder

Hair Dryer & Bathroom Holder

Hair Dryer & Bathroom Holder

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Instead of leaving your kitchen in a constant mess, why not mount a holder to the wall so that you can have a proper place to store your bathroom essentials like your hair dryer, comb etc.

This Hair Dryer & Bathroom Holder is perfect for keeping your bathroom tidy as well as a great aesthetically pleasing addition to your bathroom because of its classic design.

With this, the holder’s spiral design makes it ideal for inserting the head of any hair dryer, allowing you to store your hairdryer in an orderly manner that is also easy to reach.

Additionally, the end of the spiral has an opening that allows you to place the plug in it, solving your constant dilemma of wondering where to keep the wire and plug.

Apart from the spiral holder, there is a cup holder that allows you to store your bathroom essentials in an orderly fashion.

Hurry add this into your cart today and you can stop worrying about getting your bathroom items wet or messy!

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