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Handy Windshield Cleaner

Handy Windshield Cleaner

Handy Windshield Cleaner

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Tired of having to bend over backwards just to give your windshield a good wipedown?

Wouldn't it be amazing if windshield cleaning needn't have to be a workout on its own?

Make your life easier with this Handy Windshield Cleaner!

  • Flexible handle! - Adjust the handle to fit the angle that you want for efficient wiping! Why do the bending when your Windshield Cleaner could do it for you!
  • Microfiber cloth - The soft microfiber material ensures thorough cleaning of your windshield while preventing scratches and smudges!
  • Simple to use! - Because of the microfiber cloth, you won't even have to invest in various cleaning agents as just water is enough to keep your windshield sparkly clean!
  • Get into the corners! - With the thin wiper, you will definitely be able to clean up all hard-to-reach corners and edges that you won't normally be able to access with just a rag on hand!

With this Handy Windshield Cleaner, you will never have to worry about accidentally doing a backflip in your car when wiping down the windshield ever again!

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