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Heart Shaped Trinket Box

Heart Shaped Trinket Box

Heart Shaped Trinket Box

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Sometimes a gift is so special that it deserves an extra special kind of packaging.

And when it comes to trinkets of love, like jewellery or chocolates, then a paper bag is just not good enough!

You need something a bit more thoughtful, more unique, more romantic, more individual.

This small, wooden, heart-shaped box is the perfect way to hold and protect a gift for that certain special some-one. 

Heart shaped trinket box crafted from wood is the perfect romantic gesture:

  • Heart shaped wooden box with natural wood grain finish, can be stained or painted / decorated in your own style
  • Small magnet closures to hold box firmly shut to prevent accidental spillage of contents
  • Small metal hinges for easy opening / closing
  • Box has a hand-crafted appearance and finish

You can keep it plain and artisan, or even decorate it with your own unique color scheme.

Additionally, you can cover it with a collage of photos and pictures that are special to you both, and these boxes are a delight to receive as a gift in themselves.

For a perfect gift wrapping for that perfect someone, don’t delay – add one of these to your shopping cart today!


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