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Holographic Nail Glitter

Holographic Nail Glitter

Holographic Nail Glitter

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Holographic nails are definitely in!

A simple pop of glitter on your colored nails can brighten up your entire look!

Not a fan of too much glitter? Simply add the nail glitter to just a nail or two to add some accents to your manicure!

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Package includes: 1 x Holographic Nail Glitter Tub, 2 x Applicators

  1. Apply colored polish of your choice. 
  2. Apply UV top coat (not included).
  3. Use applicator to apply glitter onto the UV top coat. 
  4. Dab the glitter in until a smooth mirror surface is obtained.
  5. Use a brush to dust off the excess glitter.
  6. Apply a second layer of top coat to seal it in.
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