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Home Cotton Candy Machine

Home Cotton Candy Machine

Home Cotton Candy Machine

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Everyone has that sudden craving for cotton candy from time to time.

And sometimes, we just can’t wait till the weekends to go hunting for some good ‘ol carnival snacks.

Make your own cotton candy with this Home Cotton Candy Machine!

  • It’s easy to use! - Simply pour in the sugar cubes and get spinning! The perfect stick of cotton candy will soon be ready to eat!
  • Shhh… - The silicone suction footings hold the machine still, preventing vibrations and reducing noise!
  • Durable! - The copper coil within the machine ensures a longer functioning period, while the steel components resist heat!

With this Home Cotton Candy Machine, you will never have to leave the house to satisfy a craving ever again!

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Material: PP, Steel
Maximum Power: 500 W
Rated Voltage: 220 V
Weight: 1.79 kg

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