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Interactive Peek-A-Boo Bear

Interactive Peek-A-Boo Bear

Interactive Peek-A-Boo Bear

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Have you ever played peek-a-boo with your baby?

Majority of the time, this simple game leave you and your baby with happy hearts and plenty of giggles.

Nothing warms a parent’s heart more than hearing their own baby giggling.

Additionally, those giggles seem to have the ability to alleviate any negative emotions you were feeling.

This is what the Interactive Peek-A-Boo Bear intends to do too!

With this bear, it is guaranteed to bring joy into your baby’s life, and upon hearing your baby’s giggles it will bring joy in your life.

How does it work?

  • Just push the button and the bear will recite one of six different phrases it knows, and the bear will hide behind the blanket and then pop out to surprise the baby
  • The bear has moveable mouth and arms, allowing it to be as interactive as possible with your baby
  • The bear is attached with a satin-accented blanket that provides the ultimate touch and comfort for your baby; it is also entirely safe and gentle for your baby’s delicate skin
  • The surface of the bear is washable, allowing you to maintain its hygiene and ensure it is bacteria-free for your baby

This Interactive Peek-A-Boo Bear is going to be a great companion to your baby, that is capable of giving plenty of joy to your baby!

With this toy, you will never need to worry about your baby being grumpy or bored anymore.

Hurry add this into your cart today and anticipate countless of giggles from your precious baby.


Height: 11.5 inch / 29 cm

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