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Jeweled Floral iPhone Case

Jeweled Floral iPhone Case

Jeweled Floral iPhone Case

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You know what we are talking about.

That 2 seconds when your breath halts and your heart stops… as you feel your precious iPhone slip out of your hands and approach the ground.

SMACK! - Your phone hits the ground and you just pray and pray that not a single scratch runs across your screen.

But, what if… Your phone just never falls ever again?

Make that possible with this Jeweled Floral iPhone Case!

  • Keep your phone close - Loop your hands into the jeweled grip and get a better hold on that precious device… So you will never drop your phone ever again!
  • A stylish twist on the average cover - With a gorgeous floral print and an intricate jeweled embellishment on the grip, everyone will be envious of you!
  • Available for most iPhone models! - Got the latest model? We’ve got you covered (literally).

With this Jeweled Floral iPhone Case, you can take that gorgeous selfie and never worry.

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