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Kitchen Utility Storage Rack

Kitchen Utility Storage Rack

Kitchen Utility Storage Rack

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There are some things in your kitchen that fit easily into cupboards and drawers and then there is the ‘other things’.

Like the kitchen paper towels, scissors and rolls of baking foil.

All of them need to be close at hand and ready for use, yet they always seem to end up in a clutter at the bottom of a drawer.

This Kitchen Utility Storage Rack is the ideal solution and takes up little to no space: 

  • Wire rack hangs from two top mounted hooks and suckers which attach to most surfaces
  • The storage rack fits perfectly in any un-used space on the sides of cupboards, fridges, and other kitchen units.
  • Four shelves are designed to perfectly hold kitchen towels, foil and cling film
  • Extra shelf for storing smaller condiments and sauce pots
  • Hooks beneath to hang kitchen implements such as scissors and can openers 

This kitchen storage rack is the ideal accessory for the busy chef’s kitchen – keeping often needed items out of the way and close at hand, without loosing them into the bottom of a drawer.

For an organised kitchen, hobby room or garden shed, add these racks to your shopping cart before they are gone.


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