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KONMISON Spot Removal Pen

KONMISON Spot Removal Pen

KONMISON Spot Removal Pen

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Do you have moles that have been bugging you and it does not seem worthwhile to go to a beautician because it can be expensive?

The KONMISON Spot Removal Pen will solve that dilemma of yours and equip you to be your own beautician! With this product you can remove that mole all by yourself.


  • Unique Electric Ion Technology guarantees you that there will be no electric shock, hurting, or bleeding whilst in the process of trying to remove that mole
  • There are 3 different gears allowing you to adjust the power level, according to your own preference
  • Rechargeable - all you need to do is charge and viola! you are able to use it again.
  • After each charge, it can last up to 5 hours giving you ample time to use the device
  • Multi-purpose - it is capable of removing moles, tattoos, warts, freckles, and spots making this product extremely worth it as you can remove more than just moles

KONMISON is a brand by Guangzhou KMS Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. who has been around since 2013, specializing in manufacturing and selling of beauty machines that are sold globally.

Additionally, when it comes to beauty care, you have to trust the professionals! Making it extremely important that you use products manufactured by a company that is qualified and well-experienced.

Add this to your cart now and become your own beautician today!


18 x 3.5 x 3.5 CM


110-240V, 50-60Hz

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