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Laser Guided Scissors

Laser Guided Scissors

Laser Guided Scissors

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Before you cut something up, you're sure to grab a ruler and a piece of chalk or a pen to draw a straight line with so that you have a reference to cut through your cloth or paper straightly.

But, we are also all familiar with having accidentally messed up when drawing the line and having to deal with the confusion of following that one line out of the other five.

Make snipping a breeze with this Laser Guided Scissors!

  • Never have to draw on your cloth or paper again! - The laser provides you with a temporary visual guide so that you can cut through your material cleanly without the mess!
  • Easy to use! - Simply make a small mark at the end point, align the laser with it, and allow the scissors to guide you through!
  • Clean cutting! - The sharp blades will allow for clean and sharp cutting without rough edges, allowing you to work with ultimate precision!

With this Laser Guided Scissors, you will never have to worry about crooked cutting anymore!

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Battery: 2 x LR44 Button Cell

Color: Black

Net weight: 104 g


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