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Laser Pointer Pen

Laser Pointer Pen

Laser Pointer Pen

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Did you know Laser Pointer Pen are more useful than just its typical use in presentations?

It is useful when it comes to stargazing, and more crucially during wilderness emergency. The laser emitting from the pen can be more effective than using a flashlight when it comes to signalling.

More than just a pen:

  • 2 in 1 - the detachable starry head, provides starry stage effect giving you a different perspectives than just a basic single point green straight line
  • Its safety lock design requires a key to turn on or off the laser light, ensuring maximum security when it comes to handling with the laser pointer pen
  • The handheld device comes with a momentary switch that is strategically placed, allowing you to press it conveniently
  • Non-slip body, the texture of it allows for comfortable grips, ensuring you it will not slide down from your sweaty palms
  • Capable of burning a match when you adjust the focal length to the largest, with a distance of 6-10cm - extremely useful in the wilderness

This is the perfect gift for those who are often giving presentations, and even that wanderlust friend of yours.

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