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Luxury Furry Samsung Case

Luxury Furry Samsung Case

Luxury Furry Samsung Case

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Just like how wearing accessories help to spice up your appearance, your phone case is one of the most evident accessory that you carry on a daily basis. 

It is capable of reflecting your personality, and affecting your mood! When you feel good about what you’re wearing, it boosts your self-confidence and thus increases your mood.

This Luxury Furry Samsung Case is going to glam up both your mood and appearance everyday!

This modern fashion Samsung case features:  

  • A unique soft furry overlay - faux rabbit fur, capable of providing you the softest comfort possible
  • With it’s faux rabbit fur & hard plastic casing, it is absolutely lightweight, ensuring you that your phone case will not be bulky and troublesome to carry it along
  • Protects your phone from any potential scratches, bumps and shocks from daily usage; keeping your phone both safe and gorgeous at all times 
  • Apart from the faux rabbit fur, the phone case has an additional extra touch - diamonds along the camera hole, making this phone case entirely perfect
  • Everyone loves a good compliment, and with this phone case get ready to hear endless of compliments from your family, friends and even strangers!

How often do you use or hold your phone?

On average, individuals use their phone for at least 3 hours in a day. That means for a good 3 hours in a day, you are showcasing your personality evidently with your phone case!

Hurry add this Luxury Furry Samsung Case into your cart, and start spicing up both your personality and mood!


Received your product and find the fur blocking the camera? 

We've got the solution for you!


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