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Magical Car Ice Scraper

Magical Car Ice Scraper

Magical Car Ice Scraper

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Don't you just find it frustrating when you're late for work because of a subpar ice scraper? 

It's time to stop stressing about it, by checking out this Magical Car Ice Scraper! 

This scraper works its magic in removing even the thickest and hardest frozen frost on the windows of your car in seconds. And, this is done without leaving any scratch! 

Compared to regular ice scrapers out there, this one can exceed your expectations! It can cover more area because of its extra wide side and it also has spikes that can serve as ice breakers. Just tap the spikes on the ice and it will breakaway. 

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  - Packaging includes: 3 pieces of car scraper
  -Material: Plastic
  -Size: Diameter 14.5 cm
  -Shape: Cone
  -Color: Black / Blue / Red/ Green

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