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Microwave Anti-Splatter Hover

Microwave Anti-Splatter Hover

Microwave Anti-Splatter Hover

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Ever found yourself microwaving your food halfway and suddenly you start hearing little explosions happening in your microwave, which sends you running back to the kitchen quickly to turn it off or check on it?

Upon reaching to check on the microwave, you realize you were too late because now your whole microwave is extremely dirty. Ugh! Now you have to clean the entire microwave.

However with this Microwave Anti-Splatter Hover, you will never ever find yourself in such position again!  

  • Simply place this hover over your food in the microwave, and all the splatters will be contained within, causing zero mess in your microwave
  • Designed high enough to ensure ample space in between the food and the hover, so that it will not touch your food
  • Unlike any typical food cover, it has a vented top that helps to release steam and keep your food warm at the same time - additionally, assuring you that your food will not become soggy because of condensation
  • Minimal clean up - just put this food hover in the dishwasher and you are good to go
  • It is easy to lift in and out of the microwave, giving no complications or trouble to use it

It is inevitable to prevent the food from splattering inside the microwave because the molecules in the food vibrate vigorously while generating heat to warm your food.

However, you can always prevent your microwave from getting dirty by getting one of this Microwave Anti-Splatter Hover.  It’s time to never ever have to clean your microwave so frequently!

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30 x 8.5 CM

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