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Mini Wine Aerator

Mini Wine Aerator

Mini Wine Aerator

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Ever got all excited to try a new bottle of wine only to be instantly disappointed from your very first sip?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you were always guaranteed a great glass of wine?

Make that happen with this Mini Wine Aerator!

  • Easy to use! - Simply pour your wine through the aerator and into your wine glass to get a perfectly aerated glass of wine!
  • The perfect glass of wine! - Aerating wine helps to remove the bitterness of old wine and bring young wine to life!
  • Rapid and convenient! - Even when poured through the aerator, your wine will flow at as high a speed as when poured out of the bottle - that’s better tasting wine in the same amount of time!

Make every wine experience a phenomenal one with this Mini Wine Aerator!

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Material: Food-grade AS and Silicone

Color: Black


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