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Multifunctional Tool Sharpener

Multifunctional Tool Sharpener

Multifunctional Tool Sharpener

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How do you sharpen your knife, scissors, hss bits or chisels? Are you using the traditional method to sharpen these tools?

The traditional methods are time-consuming, labour-some and extremely dangerous! You should not put your life at risk while trying to sharpen these tools.

This Multifunctional Tool Sharpener is going to be your life saver (literally), with this now you are equipped to sharpen your tools safely and more conveniently.

Do not risk your life anymore with this:

  • There are total of 3 different modes that allows you to sharpen straight edge chisels, hss bits, knives, and scissors
  • The angles are adjustable angle - allowing you to alter it accordingly, to find the perfect angle that best suits the tool  
  • The wheel is made out of carborundum - the best abrasive innovation that never fails to sharpen your tools with quality
  • Extremely durable and has a long service life, ensuring you that this will be a great investment
  • User-friendly as it requires no special skills, anyone can sharpen their tools with this!

It is perfect for anyone who wants to grind and sharpen their tools, at the comfort of your own space and definitely much more safer!

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  1. Voltage: 230V ~ 240V
  2. Power/Current: 96W
  3. Net Weight: 1.52kg
  4. No-load speed: 1350 rpm
  5. Maximum wheel diameter: 56mm; grit size: 180 mesh; special bowl-shaped grinding wheel
  6. Grinding drill diameter range: 3 ~ 13mm
  7. Grinding knives width range: 6 ~ 51mm; width limit can be detachable, so width is unlimited
  8. Adjustable head angle: 15 ~ 50 ° with strong magnets
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