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Multiport USB-C Adapter

Multiport USB-C Adapter

Multiport USB-C Adapter

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If you own the latest MacBook Pro, you’d know the greatest struggle is only having 2 USC-C!

Isn’t that frustrating and inconvenient?

This Multiport USB-C Adapter is going to be your best friend!

  • Charge and transfer data using the different ports
  • Compact & User-friendly - Take this anywhere with you!
  • Available in 3 different models, pick one that suits your daily use!

Brushed aluminium design complements Apple accessories perfectly. How sleek!

Type C Adapter includes Multiple Ports, easily expand your single USB C adapter to: two USB 3.0 ports, a USB Type-C charging port, a SD card slot and a Micro SD card slot.

USB 3.0 Ports allow you to access freely to any file from your usb drive, phone, keyboard, and mouse, making usage easier than ever!

No need for multiple adapters, JUST ONE. Hurry add this to your cart today!



Material: Aluminum Alloy

Muti-ports: 2*usb 3.0/ 2*Type-c/ 1* microSD/ 1*SD

USB 3.0 Transfers speed: up to 5Gbps

Type-C Transfers speed: up to 40Gbps

USB charge current: a Max 1.5 A

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