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Night Light Diffuser

Night Light Diffuser

Night Light Diffuser

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After a long hard day at work you just want to relax and unwind.

What better way than to sit in tranquil lighting, listening to your favourite music while the air is filled with the aroma of lavender or eucalyptus.

Aromatherapy has long been known to enhance your mood.

This night-light diffuser puffs out scented mists of water that provides the benefits of the aromatherapy oils.

Additionally, it also hydrates your living space improving your skin dryness and the quality of your air.

The Night Light Diffuser has been designed with your comfort in mind:

  • Easy to fill canister with water and add your own essential oils for the fragrance of your choice
  • Night light has a sturdy base to reduce the likelihood of topples or spills
  • Light rotates through the colors of the rainbow, soothing the room with subtle tones
  • Hydrating mist can be sprayed continuously or at intervals for bursts of fragrance for a relaxing and peaceful environment
  • Has an automatic mist cut-off function for safety so that it will not keep running when empty
  • Designed with a near-silent motor to limit the sound disturbance to your sleeping, resting or work space. 

Sit back and relax in the soothing combination of soft light and scented air with this beautiful essential oils night light diffuser.

You know you deserve the best of comfort, so buy one of these Night Light Diffuser now!


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