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Non-Stick Multi Pancake Mould

Non-Stick Multi Pancake Mould

Non-Stick Multi Pancake Mould

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Ever felt like making pancakes for breakfast is such a hassle, because you have to scoop a couple scoops of batter and manually separate them when they stick together?

Won't it be amazing if you could make more than 5 pancakes at once without having to worry about them spilling into each other?

Pancake making needn't be so burdensome with this Non-Stick Multi Pancake Mould!

  • Keep your pancakes apart! - This pancake mould helps to keep your pancakes in shape while ensuring that they don't pour into each other and make a mess!
  • Non-stick! - Don't worry about having to peel your pancakes out of the mould and breaking them apart, as you can easily pop them out of the mould!
  • Versatile! - You can use this mould to shape your eggs, omelettes, pancakes and waffles too!

With this Non-Stick Multi Pancake Mould, you will never have to worry about ugly pancakes ever again!

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