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Novelty Laundry Bag

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We all have that chair in our rooms which we use to pile on our clothes which we “promise to wash tomorrow”.

But as you push laundry day back further and further each day, that pile of clothes will soon end up dropping onto the floor and create a bigger mess.

That is why you need this Novelty Laundry Bag!

  • Hide away the mess! - Firstly, you won’t even have to look at the eyesore-inducing pile of clothes that you will probably only wash when you run out of clothes to wear!
  • A great reminder! - Perfect for the procrastinator in all of us, this laundry bag is a glaring daily reminder for you to do your laundry!
  • A fun addition to your room! - Stylish and sleek, this laundry bag is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, so you won’t have to throw all your clothes beneath your bed when friends come over!

With this Novelty Laundry Bag, your room won’t look like a mess even if you get lazy!

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Material: Polyester
Size (Width x Height): 35 x 45 cm / 13.79 x 17.73 inches
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