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Nursing Support Pillow

Nursing Support Pillow

Nursing Support Pillow

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It looks so easy in the pictures and on the TV, but getting your baby in just the right place for comfortable breast-feeding is not so simple.

Feeding time can be a stressful event to begin with, without having to worry about whether you or baby are relaxed and supported properly.

Add to that the fact that a comfortable baby is more likely to feed well compared to a baby that is propped in an awkward position.

And a feeding baby means you relax more and then baby is even happier. 

This Nursing Support Pillow will increase the comfort for both of you:

  • The pillow is formed from a number of cushions that are joined together, so you can easily adjust the height and angle of your baby
  • Simple to move around, you will no longer be confined to the one chair in the house that is at the right angle, as your adjustable cushion can adapt to each new seat
  • Made from 100% cotton, it is allergen friendly, soft and safe on your babies sensitive skin
  • Folds into a small bundle when not in use

In the first few weeks of a babies life, it mostly revolves around food.

If baby feeds well then baby will be happier.

You will be more relaxed and so able to enjoy these precious times better.

Increase the likelihood of stress free feeding times by adding one of these pillows to your cart.


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