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Oval Makeup Brush Set

Oval Makeup Brush Set

Oval Makeup Brush Set

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Professional 10 pcs. Makeup Brush Set.


Material: Nylon + Plastic
Brush handle Material: Plating
Brush handle Specifications: Short rod
Size: 18cm

1: Compatible with any type of foundation BB Cream, powder, blush, etc.
2: Super densely packed ultra fine fibers delivers streak-free, flawless coverage.
3: Oval, angular surface offers effortless application and seamless blending.
4: Flexible tilted handle for precison and stability.

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Follow these three easy steps for best results:
STEP 1: Wash your brushes using a mild shampoo or brush cleanser.
STEP 2: Gently press the bristles to remove any excess water.Pace the clean, damp brushes into the Dry.
Shape using the smallest band the brush will fit into. Make sure that all bristles are firmly  compressed.
STEP 3: Wait 4 to 6 hours and your brushes will be completely dry and ready to use!In addition to being completely dry, the bristles will be reshaped to their original form. 
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