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Paint by Numbers Canvas

Paint by Numbers Canvas

Paint by Numbers Canvas

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Have you always dreamed of being able to paint the most beautiful of landscapes but lack the artistic skills to do so?

What if you were told that even the most untalented of painters can create a masterpiece as awe-inspiring as that of Picasso?

Achieve your artistic dream with this Paint by Numbers Canvas!

  • Anyone can be an artist! – Simply fill in the spaces on the canvas with its corresponding paint number, and all you have to do is keep within the lines to produce the best artwork you’ve ever painted
  • Intricately designed canvas – The spaces have been specifically designed such that each space of a different colour contributes to a realistic looking image in the finishing product
  • Decoration on a budget – Instead of having to buy an expensive piece of art, you can now create your own! Now, that’s effort and beauty hanging up on your wall!

With this Paint by Numbers Canvas, you can also create your own masterpiece!

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Size: 40cm x 50cm

Package includes:

3 x Nylon Brushes

1 x Acrylic Paint Set

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