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Panorama Surveillance Camera

Panorama Surveillance Camera

Panorama Surveillance Camera

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The typical security camera often has limitations such as being unable to capture any potential blind spots in the room, which can often lead to paranoia and insecurity.

With this Panorama Surveillance Camera, it is the perfect tool to assist you in guarding your space; giving you absolute confidence that you are still in control despite not being there physically.

Watch your space with confidence as you access it anytime and anywhere:

  • The fisheye lens enable the camera to have a 360° panoramic view - ensuring you that there will be no blind spots in the room as you are able to view every inch and corner
  • The motion detection sensors are able to detect any movements within the room and inform you immediately via phone push notification or store the alert pictures into the MicroSD card; making it perfect for surveillance
  • 24 hours HD Live streaming - supports multi-user sharing; extremely appropriate for keeping an eye on your baby, elderly, homes, businesses or pets
  • 2 way audio - voice intercom and recording, allowing you to have boundless communication via the camera’s speakers
  • Dual working modes - work perfectly fine with wifi or through your smartphone via the app

It’s time to upgrade your ordinary camera that is full of limitations with something that will fully equip you with confidence and security!

Install this camera and let it be your very own personal security guard by adding this Panorama Surveillance Camera into your cart now!


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