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Pet Pooper Scooper

Pet Pooper Scooper

Pet Pooper Scooper

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Pet owners like you are definitely familiar with the irksome sensation of having to pick up your pet's waste with a plastic bag in the park or backyard.

Wouldn't it be just amazing if you never had to have such close contact with that stinky mess and actually have it picked up from a slight distance instead?

The Pet Pooper Scooper is exactly what you need!

  • Zero contact with that mess! - This long-handled Pooper Scooper will allow you to pick up your pet's waste without having to bend down and touch it!
  • Easy disposal of waste! - Simply wrap a piece of plastic around the Pooper Scooper before scooping up your pet's waste, and it would be neatly picked up in a bag for easy disposal!
  • One hand is all you need! - Even with one hand holding your pet on a leash, you can still pick up their waste without having to let them go!

With this Pet Pooper Scooper, you will never have to pick up your pet's waste with your hands ever again!

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Material: Plastic

Size: 60 x 13.5 x 12.5 cm / 23.62 x 5.31 x 4.92 inches

Colors: Green, Black, Blue, Pink, Purple


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