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Pooh Bear Wall Stickers

Pooh Bear Wall Stickers

Pooh Bear Wall Stickers

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Your child’s nursery will be a place that they spend a lot of their time in during their first few years – whether that’s sleeping, playing or learning.

Wall and furniture decoration can all be very dull and grown-up, even if you do paint it in lively colors. 

These giant Pooh Bear stickers are easy to fix to any flat surface, and instantly transform a dull room into a place that your child will love to be in.

Let these Pooh Bear Wall Stickers brighten your child’s days and nights: 

  • The large stickers will stick to any clean flat surface including wood, walls and glass
  • The three designs feature all of the famous Pooh Bear characters, including Tigger, Eeyore and Piglet
  • The mural pictures have a pre-gummed backing so you just peel and stick to your surfaces
  • They are PVC and wipe-able, so any accidents from your little one can be easily cleaned away
  • High quality printing with pictures are bright, strong and fun images

You want your child to enjoy being in their room, and they will with these loveable wall murals.

Change your child’s nursery from plain to exciting with these Pooh bear and friends nursery wall stickers by adding them to your shopping cart now!

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