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Portable Air Pump

Portable Air Pump

Portable Air Pump

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Ever found yourself caught in a situation where you needed to pump air into your car tyres but could not find the means or a nearby gas station to do?

Or have you found yourself digging out your football only to realize it’s a little deflated, and wished you had an air compressor nearby to inflate it?

You need this Portable Air Pump!

With this, you will not find yourself caught in such unpleasant situations anymore. This is the solution to all your deflated tyres or balls issues.

It is greater than your average air pumps:

  • Portable - it is convenient to bring it anywhere to pump air into your deflated objects
  • Built in light - ensuring that you will still be able to pump your tyres anytime and anywhere even if your surroundings is dark
  • Automatically stops at the perfect pressure - making sure you have the right amount of air into each object
  • Multipurpose - it is perfect for your car tyres, floats, sports balls, air mattresses etc
  • 14 foot long car power cable enables you to go the distance with this air compressors, and get to all of your car tyres

This is a great tool that is both convenient and handy, leaving you wondering where has this product been all your life!

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