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Portable Car Humidifier

Portable Car Humidifier

Portable Car Humidifier

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Every year we spend a fortune on air fresheners and humidifiers for our homes. We even put them in the office.

All because the right environment relieves eye-strain and stress while promoting feelings of peace.

So why do we neglect one place where poor air quality and bad odours can build up? And that is in our cars. 

This handy electric humidifier plugs into your car charger and emits a frequent cloud of water particles into the air.

Add any aromatherapy fragrance to the canister and you can also breath in the soothing effects of lavender as you drive.

Let this Portable Car Humidifier soothe your travelling environment:

  • The adjustable head position means that the diffuser unit can fit any standard car electric power point
  • The canister is easy to re-fill with pure or any scented aromatherapy water of your choice
  • Diffuser is available in a selection of colors to suit your car interior
  • After two hours the diffuser will turn off automatically to prevent it running while empty. This is also useful if you forget to turn off or unplug the humidifier when you leave the vehicle.

This adjustable re-fillable humidifier relieves the dry air in your vehicle caused by air conditioning and heating.

It also rids stale car smells with a scent of your choice.

Say goodbye to dry eyes and sore throats after a long journey by adding one of these humidifiers to your shopping cart now.

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