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Portable Outdoor Water Bag

Portable Outdoor Water Bag

Portable Outdoor Water Bag

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Just like how there are 3 litres water bags perfect for camping, do you ever wish there was a bigger version to hold higher volumes, that allows you to bathe even when you’re out in the woods?

Look no further, because this Portable Outdoor Water Bag is going to fulfil your dreams!

With this, you can look forward to having a shower anytime and anywhere.

Perfect for all uses - showering outdoors, washing your car, watering your garden and grass:

  • The water bag is capable of containing 10-15 litres of water allowing you to have ample amount of water
  • The water bag is foldable, perfect for traveling around with it because it is not bulky, and when it is folded the carry bag becomes as small as 20 x 10 cm
  • Entirely hassle-free when it comes to filling the water bag up! The big opening cap enables you to fill it up easily, and it is also secured with a seal ring inside
  • Comes with a sprayer and hose, promising you that you will be able to use it freely and not be restricted by the length
  • Easy usage with the foot pump - all you’ve got to do is press on the pump with your foot and water will start coming out  

With this Portable Outdoor Water Bag, you’re bound for an abundance of water regardless where you are!

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Size: 20 x 40 cm

Shower head diameter: 2.6 cm

Hose length: 200 cm

Carry bag: 20 x 10 cm

Blue bag material: PVC

Grey bag material: TPU

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