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Potty Training Seat With Ladder

Potty Training Seat With Ladder

Potty Training Seat With Ladder

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It is extremely crucial to ensure that your toddler develop good habits when they are young, especially when it comes to toilet training!

More often than not, toilet training your child might be a daunting process because it can be difficult and a great hassle.

Therefore, it is important that you have the right tool to assist you in this process.

Look no further, because this Potty Training Seat With Ladder is guaranteed to give both you and your child a memorable, fuss-free toilet training experience!

  • Attached to the adult toilet bowl - promising you there will be no confusion or need to retrain your child to use the adult toilet bowl because this potty seat will be attached to the adult toilet bowl
  • Made out of non-slip materials - ensuring you that this product is safe and it was made with your child’s safety being of top priority
  • Attached with a ladder - fully empowering your toddler to be independent and assures you that he/she will not struggle to get up to sit on the toilet bowl
  • Lightweight and portable - extremely convenient, making sure that assembling or adjusting it will be fuss-free

Hurry add this into your cart and toilet train your toddler easily!


  • Weight: 1010g.
  • Use Age: 6 months-9 years old kids
  • Max bearing weight: 50 kilos.

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