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Rainbow Steel Cutlery Set

Rainbow Steel Cutlery Set

Rainbow Steel Cutlery Set

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Sometimes we just sit at a table and eat. Sometimes, though, we are dining at a table and the whole meal is an event. Whether for an evening dinner party, or to celebrate a grand occasion, it’s more than just a time to eat. This is when you bring out the best china crockery, your grandest crystal glasses, show off your flower arranging talents. But how often is it let down by your boring old everyday knives, forks and spoons?

When you use these rainbow stainless steel multi-colored cutlery sets your knives, forks and spoons become a main feature of your table dressing, rather than just something to eat with.

Your Cutlery Set Details
Each cutlery set consists of one table knife, one dinner fork, one large bowled dessert/soup spoon and one tea-spoon. All are finished with a multi-colored metal coating and are made from stainless steel.

Each item is individually packed for delivery to reduce risk of scratches and damage during transport. All of the cutlery pieces are dishwasher safe.

You can purchase these cutlery sets in a 1 set pack, 2 set pack, 4 set pack or 6 set pack.

In Summary
These rainbow, stainless steel, multi-colored cutlery sets give an added Wow factor to any special dining occasion.

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