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Reusable Non-Stick Mat

Reusable Non-Stick Mat

Reusable Non-Stick Mat

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When it comes to cooking, the amount of oil used should ideally be as little as possible, to prevent your dish from becoming too greasy.

However, more often than not, we unintentionally add in more oil than needed to ensure that the food will not stick on the pan or grill.

This results in the dish absorbing excessive amounts of oil that are unnecessary and detrimental to your health - increasing the risk of weight gain and heart attacks.

This Reusable Non-Stick Mat is perfect in saving your health as you become more conscious with the amount of oil you add into your dish!

  • Highly resistant towards high temperature, making it completely suitable for placing it on top of your pans or grills.
  • With this mat, you do not need to worry about your food sticking onto the pan anymore!
  • Ease the whole cleaning process as there will be no leftover residues or burnt bits stuck onto the pan
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher friendly, ensuring you that there will be no hassle in cleaning it

Likewise, when it comes to barbecuing, you can simply just place this Reusable Non-Stick Mat on top of the grill and be assured that the food will no longer fall into the gaps of the grills.

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