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Reusable Stove Top Protectors

Reusable Stove Top Protectors

Reusable Stove Top Protectors

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Life’s too short to do too much cleaning – and is definitely too short to clean the stove top.

Those dried on, baked hard, stains never quite come off anyway, even with the toughest of cleaning chemicals and some very determined man-power. 

There is a labour-free solution!

Granny always said that prevention is better than cure, so instead of trying to clean up after the event, why not stop the grime reaching the stove-top in the first place?

Let Reusable Stove Top Protectors do the cleaning work for you!

  • Easy to fit on any gas powered stove top / hob and easy to remove to clean
  • Catches any dirt or grime that would otherwise fall onto the stove surface
  • Silicon woven surface is easy to wipe clean or wash in the event of more stubborn stains. They are even dishwasher proof for a more thorough deep clean
  • Available in three colors – black, silver or beige – to suit your personal taste

Sadly, you can’t put your oven in the dish-washer when-ever it needs a clean – but you can put these hob protectors in.

Buy these reusable stove top protectors now to make your cleaning life simpler. Prevention rather than cure – Granny would be proud.


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