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RoboFish Toy

RoboFish Toy

RoboFish Toy

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It is time to get your kids excited over bath time!

With this RoboFish Toy, bath time will never be the same again. Your kids will be excited as they see the fishes interacting with them as they swim around in the bathtub!

Making the whole bath time a fun and great experience:

  • Battery operated - this fish can live for eternity, as long as you replace the battery occasionally
  • Automatic - the fish will be activated once it goes in the water, and to turn it off just get the fish out of the water
  • With its robotic tail, it allows the fish to swim around freely and quickly

It is perfect for your kids as bath time becomes more enjoyable with these “living” fishes!

This is a toy not just for your kids, the RoboFish Toy will be a great fit and companion to your fishes in your fish tank too!

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8 x 3.5 cm / 3.15 x 1.38 inch

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