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Runaway Alarm Clock

Runaway Alarm Clock

Runaway Alarm Clock

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Are you a heavy sleeper? Does it take forever for you to get off your bed?

The hardest part about waking up from slumber is getting off your comfortable bed!

If you are someone who requires more incentive to get off your bed, then it’s time to ditch your current alarm clock and get this Runaway Alarm Clock!

This alarm clock is guaranteed to force you off your bed because it is more effective than your typical alarm clock.

With this alarm clock, now you’d have to get off your bed and chase the alarm clock to snooze it.

How does it work?

  • Once the alarm rings, it will jump and run about until you get off your bed and catch it
  • It is able to run around on both wood and carpet surfaces
  • It only has a one-time snooze function, or on days when you cannot afford to be late, choose the 0 minutes snooze and the clock will run away immediately, forcing you off the bed instantly
  • When the clock runs away, it will continue ringing loudly for 9 minutes till you wake up and catch it
  • It is capable of jumping off 3 feet/90 minutes, so the clock will be perfect on your nightstand

Once you’re up to chase this Runaway Alarm Clock, the battle is won!

It’s time to wake up and stop snoozing!

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Length - 13.5 cm

Wheel diameter - 0.85 cm

Power - 4 x AAA battery

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