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Silicone Food Cover

Silicone Food Cover

Silicone Food Cover

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Getting the right amount of food cooked every night can be a trial for any home chef.

There always seems to be left-over meals or half-used packets of food.

The choice is to throw it away or to try and preserve the food in random bowls with covers of cling-film or ill-fitting plates.

After all that effort, we all know that the food will never taste as good later – and usually ends up in the trash after all. 

Silicone food covers offer the perfect solution. Keeping food as fresh as when you made it:

  • Silicone raised lid fits most standard dinner plates, with ample height to avoid squashing the food under it
  • Flat tops of the silicone lids allow for easy stacking in the fridge or microwave
  • Silicone is easy to clean and is microwave, fridge and dishwasher safe
  • Easy to hold handle moulded into the lid for one handed use
  • Base of lid has been designed to form a tight seal with the plate / bowl beneath to improve the life and quality of the food. 

These silicone food covers will be used over and over again.

In fact they are so good that you might start cooking extra meals for the whole family - just so you can use them!

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