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Skull Shoulder Bag

Skull Shoulder Bag

Skull Shoulder Bag

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If you often find yourself headbanging to bands like Slipknot and Avenged Sevenfold, you are probably pretty metal yourself.

Wouldn't it be cool if you could constantly display your amazing taste in music and style without having to try too hard?

Show off how metal you are with this Skull Shoulder Bag!

  • Bask in metal vibes - The chain detail and subtle skull prints throughout the bag will let you show off your love for badass metal stuff in a low-key manner
  • Feels like air! - This Shoulder Bag is made of a soft and light PU material, so you won't feel like the bag is weighing you down as you stroll around town!
  • Organize by compartmentalizing! - Soft-lined pockets within the bag will allow you to securely store small items so you will never lose them ever again!
  • Magnet opening - Simply clip the bag close and pull it open - Never worry about broken zips again!

Never compromise style for functionality ever again with this Skull Shoulder Bag!

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Color: Black

Size: 12.60 x 6.30 x 13.39 inches

Material: PU

Package includes: Skull Make up Pouch + Skull Scarf + Skull Shoulder Bag

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