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Sleek Anti-Slip Phone Holder

Sleek Anti-Slip Phone Holder

Sleek Anti-Slip Phone Holder

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Ever had to deal with your phone sliding off the dashboard and onto the ground as you take a turn on the road?

And then a phone call comes along, and you can't pick up the call because the phone has already slid under your seat?

Never have this problem again with this Sleek Anti-Slip Phone Holder!

  • Your phone will never fall off! - The sticky gel pad will adhere tightly to your phone, so your phone will never slide off onto the ground when you take a turn!
  • Washable! - When the Phone Holder gets dusty, you can simply run it under a tap and it will be good and sticky as new!
  • Extremely versatile! - You can use this Phone Holder to hold your phone up in your car, on a table, on the mirror - ANYWHERE! You can also fold it to your desired shape!

With this Sleek Anti-Slip Phone Holder, you will never have your phone fly off the dashboard or seat ever again!

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Package includes: 2 Anti-Slip Pads

Color: Black


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