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Solar-Powered LED Fairy Lights

Solar-Powered LED Fairy Lights

Solar-Powered LED Fairy Lights

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Feeling like your garden or home needs a little jazzing up?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could (literally) brighten up the atmosphere at home with almost no cost at all?

Light up your life with these Solar-Powered LED Fairy Lights!

  • Easy to install! - Simply loop the fairy lights around your house, garden or even office, and the solar panel will power up your lights!
  • No electricity costs! - The fairy lights are powered completely by the solar panel, so you would never have to worry about having to replace flat batteries or paying crazy bills!
  • Waterproof! - It’s perfect for decorating your patio, garden or backyard as the rain will never ever dull its shine!
  • Light sensor included! - These fairy lights automatically turn on at dusk and turns off when the sun comes up, so they will stay lit throughout the evening and night!

Who says you have to spend a ton on lighting decorations around the house?

With these Solar-Powered LED Fairy Lights, you can finally decorate your house without having to feel the pinch in your wallet!

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Material: Plastic                                                                            
Material Color: Black
Lighting Distance: 6-10m                                                          
Power Source: Solar
Warranty: 1 year                                                                       
Voltage:1.2 V
Battery: Built-in 1.2 V 1200m AH Ni-MH battery                         
Waterproof: IP65                   
Charging time: 6 hours 
Working time: 8-10 hours, total working time more than 10,000 hours  


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