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Sophisticated Crystal Vase

Sophisticated Crystal Vase

Sophisticated Crystal Vase

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Diamond chandeliers just exude style and elegance.

Known for decorating the best of places in the 1920s, their special kind of beauty is in the inter-action between the crystals and the light; the flicker of the colors, the patterns of shadows across a room.

Bring a glimmer of this decadent age into your home with these crystal and metal candle-holders.

This Sophisticated Crystal Vase will bring luxurious elegance to any room:

  • Beautiful reflective K9 crystals that sparkle from natural light or when lit from inside by a tea-light or electronic light
  • Various sizes suit any occasion – from grand table centre-pieces to subtle decoration throughout the room
  • Crystal Vases are made from plated nickel metals with delicately woven K9 crystals suspended around them
  • Stable base design prevent any tips or falls

Crystal Vases in gold or silver effect metal are available in five different sizes from 8cm to 20cm spheres.

Perfect for holding a tea-light, or the larger sizes can be used as a decorative bowl for flowers and trinkets. 

Add the luxury, style and beauty of the early 20th century into your life by buying one of these tea-light holders now!

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