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Spinning Food Chopper

Spinning Food Chopper

Spinning Food Chopper

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Ever had to endure those stinging, teary eyes while chopping onions or garlic as you prepare dinner?

Or perhaps, you just can’t seem to get your ingredients into the perfect mince or mix that you see on MasterChef on TV?

Put an end to your kitchen nightmare with this Spinning Food Chopper!

  1. Easy to use – Simply place small pieces of food into this chopper, close the lid, and pull the cord to get finely chopped ingredients that can be tossed immediately into your pan
  2. No more cuts! – With the blades safely contained within the device, you will never have to worry about mistaking your finger for that piece of celery ever again
  3. No mess! - The anti-skid base prevents the device from sliding off the kitchen counter and spilling onto the floor while you pull onto the cord
  4. Minimal clean up – Fill this chopper up with soap and water, pull the cord, pour it all away and there you have it, a clean Spinning Food Chopper ready for use again!

With this Spinning Food Chopper, food preparation can finally be fun, quick and painless!

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Material: ABS, stainless steel

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