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Spiral Earwax Remover

Spiral Earwax Remover

Spiral Earwax Remover

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You know when you feel some discomfort in your ears and want to clear them, but Q tips just don't seem to get the job done?

Not only are they inefficient, a simple slip of your hand would result in an accidental probe in the wrong direction, causing unbearable pain!

Clean your ears without the pain with this Spiral Earwax Remover!

  • Spiral tip! - Twisting this Earwax Remover in your ear will ensure an efficient, effective and painless ear cleaning experience!
  • Disposable tips! - For hygiene reasons, the tips are removable and replaceable so that you can keep your ears clean and prevent infections from the use of a dirty tip
  • Soft and flexible! - These tips will ensure your comfort and safety as you clean your ears, because maintaining your personal hygiene shouldn't have to be a pain!

With this Spiral Earwax Remover, you won't have to experience pain when cleaning your ears ever again!

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Package includes: 1 x Spiral Earwax Remover, 15 x Disposable Tips  


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