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Squishy Mochi Stress Reliever

Squishy Mochi Stress Reliever

Squishy Mochi Stress Reliever

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A lot of people tend to turn to food when they are stressed, resulting in overeating which causes them to gain weight.

Yes, food can be comforting but it is not worth it to cultivate a habit of stress eating.

Instead of gaining extra calories to relieve stress, why not turn to this Squishy Cat Stress Reliever?

This will allow you to alleviate your stress without gaining any calories, but definitely boosts endorphins rushing into your body!

Turn to this Squishy Cat Stress Reliever for comfort:

  • The squishiness of the Cat is perfect for relieving stress as you squish it, making it a good outlet to increase endorphins releasing in your body
  • Made out of silicone, ensuring you that it is the best material suited for this product because it can withstand both low and high temperatures without compromising its flexibility, making it durable
  • The tiny details on the cat is extremely adorable which can help in lifting up your mood
  • This stress reliever is not only limited to adults because it is suitable for children above 3 years old, making it a great toy for your children
  • Decorative purposes - even if you do not need it to help you relieve stress, this squishy cat will be perfect for your homes, cars, or even office!

This Squishy Cat Stress Reliever is both functional and adorable, making it the perfect stress reliever for you!

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Length: 4CM

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