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Stylish Multi-Functional Men Bracelet

Stylish Multi-Functional Men Bracelet

Stylish Multi-Functional Men Bracelet

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Hypothetically speaking, will it ever be possible for you to carry the tools needed to:

  1. open a beer bottle,
  2. tighten a screw,
  3. or cut a rope or thread

    Seems a bit out of the blue and definitely impossible for you to carry so many different tools at once right?

    Well, this Stylish Multifunctional Men Bracelet is going to make it possible!

    This bracelet has:

    • a bottle opener,
    • a 3/16 screwdriver
    • a cutting hook

    All essential to solve the above dilemma.

    Apart from the 3 tools mentioned, the bracelet has 24 other tools such as ¼ flat screwdriver, ⅜ box wrench, 3mm hex drive, and many more!

    Collectively, the bracelet has 27 different tools, confident that you are guaranteed to find one that will be most appropriate and useful for every situation.  

    It is the ultimate accessory that is extremely fashionable and works as good as a tool box, making it perfect for any polished or rugged looking man!

    Furthermore, it is made out of stainless steel, assuring you that it is of top quality and it will not tarnish or rust.

    By purchasing this Stylish Multifunctional Men Bracelet, you will be getting an accessory that is versatile and comes with 27 different tools, making this bracelet a great steal!

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    Size: 24 x 3 x 0.6 cm

    Weight: 170g

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