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Thick Yoga Mat

Thick Yoga Mat

Thick Yoga Mat

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Familiar with the feeling of trying your best to follow your yoga instructor but ending up falling flat on your face because you slipped on your own sweat?

It’s just so embarrassing - not to mention painful - but you just have to carry on.

Say ‘no more!’ to such embarrassing incidents with this Thick Yoga Mat!

  • Non-slip! - Even as you get sweaty in the yoga studio, don’t worry about slipping and sliding around as this yoga mat will provide you with the best grip as you do all the different moves!
  • Lightweight & portable! - Perfect for outdoor yoga classes downtown or even in your own backyard! Simply carry it around!
  • No more bruises! - The thick but soft EVA material will act as a trusty cushion between yourself and the floor so you can get the most out of each position!

With this Thick Yoga Mat, your yoga sessions will no longer have to be a painful and stressful one!

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Material: EVA
Size: 173 x 61x 0.4 cm / 67.47 x 23.79 x 0.16 inches
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